👋🏼 Heyas!

I'm Sheila, a Frontend Developer based out of Sydney, Australia.

With over a decade of industry experience, I specialise in user interfaces, customer experience, visual design and product strategy.

You can read more about me or have a look at what I'm currently up to.

Recent Projects

  • Personal Site

    2020 version of my personal site, sheilaleon.tech. Built with Gatsby, Tailwind CSS and Storybook UI. Deployed using Vercel.

    • gatsby
    • tailwind
    • storybook
    • react
    • vercel-now
  • A Kickstarter's Recommendations Clone

    A fun day project of re-creating an existing website to get familiar with Tailwind CSS and Next.js with the focus of mobile first.

    • tailwind
    • nextjs
    • react
    • vercel-now
  • FullStack Open 2020

    Course work from FullStack Open 2020 offered by University of Helsinki covering modern web application development with JavaScript.

    • react
    • redux
    • node
    • mongoDB
    • graphql
    • typescript